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About Us

We are a social media agency that connects brands and companies with culturally diverse influencers to create, develop, and promote successful campaigns targeted to multicultural markets.

Here at Reign Agency, we recognize the profound influence multicultural consumers have on social media. And with an estimated spending power over 3.4 trillion, brands and companies are now reaching out to this untapped and lucrative market. We work innovatively and strategically to assist brands and companies in creating marketing campaigns that are culturally relevant and targeted to multicultural markets.


Work with the largest network of diverse influencers in the world. With their unique cultural experiences and expertise, we are able to ensure your brand reaches every consumer. We are able to connect your brand with top influencers in fashion, lifestyle, tech, food, travel, design, sports, and beauty.

  • Content Creation
    We identify the top influencers that best fit your campaign to create engaging organic content to help shape your brand identity.

  • Product Promotion
    Reach your target audience with our talented influencers in strategic placements across YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook.

  • Events & Travel
    Connect with our global network of influencers who can document and generate large-scale conversation at any event, anywhere.

  • Analytics
    We drive social success metrics. Our campaigns are fully measurable with full analytic reports and tracked to monitor ROI.

Dominate the market and reign over your competitors. Contact us to collaborate with the most diverse and multicultural influencers on social media. We provide a variety of opportunities to reach a broad target audience, such as event coverage, travel opportunities, product promotion, and guest photography.

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