We are the multicultural influencer agency.

Our agency executes custom influencer marketing strategies and campaigns for global businesses. With a network reach of nearly 100 million, we use proven influencer marketing strategies to scale brands in new markets and make authentic cross-cultural connections. Our services extend from helping brands create localized, culturally relevant brand strategies, to designing completely customized campaigns to managing the entire influencer partnership process. Check out more of our services below to see how our influencer agency can help you.

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  • multicultural strategy

    We deliver individualized marketing strategies to allow brands to authentically connect with diverse audiences. With a breadth of experience working with different cultures, our team is capable of localizing branding campaigns, and directly engaging a variety of potential customer groups.

  • custom campaigns

    We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution in influencer marketing. Every campaign we manage is custom tailored to deliver the highest return on investment, whether the scope is large or small. With a global network of partners, we specialize in delivering high-impact international campaigns.

  • influencer casting

    We have a strong network of influencers around the world, and the capacity to find the right influencers for every campaign. We can handle all of the details, from castings, to negotiations and contracting, to FTC disclosures, to licensing and reuse.

  • talent management

    With years of experience, we work hard to help influencers grow and monetize their social media followings. We have built trusted relationships with top influencers, and we are constantly searching the globe for rising talent.

Our process

  • Social strategy

    We develop complete social media strategies, including market entry, product launches, brand activities, influencer gifting, long-term partnership programs, and more. We work with you to understand your needs, and develop a unique strategy to meet your objectives.

  • Campaign concept

    We design culturally relevant campaigns, backed by a strategic content approach to connect with diverse audiences. Each campaign starts with a collaborative concept briefing to fine-tune our vision to meet your needs.

  • Influencer selection

    We tap our network of collaborators and build new partnerships to find the perfect match or each influencer marketing campaign. Our matchmaking process ensures that the influencers you'll work with are best suited to drive your brand's message and promote high-level engagement.

  • Content creation

    Our team is capable of providing all photography and video content needed for your campaigns, events and travel services. We work with talented creators to craft original content that is on brand tailored to achieve your desired goals.

  • Reporting

    We provide fully measurable campaigns including analytical reports and custom insights. Our campaigns are crafted to achieve your desired reach and engagement with your audience.

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